Aukey DR01 Review- Best Budget Dashcam

Aukey DR01
Aukey DR01

You Need This

You need the best budget dashcam which is the Aukey DR01.  For years, I’ve been driving 20,000 miles each year and I have seen some amazing things that I wished that were recorded.  Now, with the lower price and convenience of dashcams, that is possible.  I am starting off with a basic, good entry-level dashcam, the Aukey DR01.

I chose it for its 1080p video recorder, wide 170-degree angle, and its capacitor battery which is heat resistant.

The All-Important Micro SD Card

Not all SD cards are the same.  I’ve read online that people would have their dashcam recording and would go to view the video only to find that the SD card (memory) was corrupted.  So, I didn’t want that to happen to me so I splurged and purchased an SD card that can handle the extreme summer/winter temperatures.  The SanDisk High Endurance SD Card

Mounting You Dash Cam

It arrived with two mounts, a velcro-adhesive mount and a windshield suction cup mount. I believe the suction cup mount is good for rental cars but I use it and I keep it a little loose. So, when something happens, afterwards, I adjust the angle. This saves me from figuring out what I wanted to see on the “locked” 10 minute clip. I have it plugged into a cigarette lighter / USB adapter so it automatically turns on and off with the car which is really convenient – and doesn’t constantly drain my car’s battery. 

Also, The DR01 comes with 5 cord mounts that you can use to route the cord around the side of the windshield and through or under your glove compartment.  The plastic adhesive mount is for permanent mounting in your car but the suction cup mount is to use temporarily in rental cars or friends cars.  I haven’t had any problems with it yet.  The initial menu set-up only required entering the time and date. 

You Will Be Glad You Purchased This

Within the first week – I was behind a truck that hit a car that flipped over and shot a 200 lb piece of concrete into oncoming traffic – you can view the video (recorded with the best budget dashcam) here:

I like the “lock” button that will save the 10-minute recording so that it will not be overwritten.  Now, you can use video to support your story of what happened when that person didn’t stop at the stop sign.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll post more videos / dash cam / dashcam tips.

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